Digimon Movie Infomation

Digimon The Movie
This is a mesh of the japanese Digimon Movies 1, 2 and 3. Over 30 mins of footage was droped overall (primarily from Movie 3) and much of the storyline was altered in order to force the movies to fit together with each other in sequence.

Digimon The Movie
The first Japanese Digimon movie, a small short about two children who find a digimon and their story, perlude to Digimon Adventure.

Digimon The Movie 2: Our War Game
The second Digimon movie, where a digimon called diablomon wreaks havock on the internet while the digidestined that can attempt to stop him.

Digimon The Movie 3: The Golden Digimetals
This is the fist movie for Digimon Adventure 02. It focuses around the group's meeting their american chosen child counterpart Wallace and his two digimon Terriermon and Lopmon.

Digimon The Movie 4: Diablomon strikes back
Diablomon is back with a vengence, determined to take revenge on Taichi and Yamato for his defeat in movie 2. Disney dubbed and aired this movie uncut in english in Fall of 2005 in the US, though no canadian station has yet to broadcast these new movies.

Digimon The Movie 5: Tamers Adventure Battle
Digimon Tamer's first movie. Takato's gone to visit his relatives in Okinawa, Jenrya's there to see the meteor, and an evil digimon is using a new popular virtual pet to try and take over the planet. Disney has also dubbed and released this movie in the US Fall 2005.

Digimon The Movie 6: Runaway Digimon Express
Learn about Ruki's past as this runaway digimon train causes mayhem throughout Tokyo's rail lines on her birthday. Also dubed by Disney for US release Fall 2005

Digimon The Movie 7: Ornithmon Revival of the Ancient Digimon
Ornithmon Revival of the Ancient Digimon. This is the ONLY Digimon Frontier movie. Watch as a manipulative digimon pits the humanoid digimon against the beast digimon to further his agenda of awkenning the powerful evil sealed away long ago by AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon. Dubed and aired on US TV Fall 2005

Digimon The Movie 8: Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke!
Description Pending

Digital Monster X-Evolution: The Thirteenth Royal Knight
Aired on TV as a special event in January 2005, this movie is unique in that it's strictly CG and has no humans in it at all. See the untouched world of digimon without humans, what pitfalls exist in an overcrowded server? Widely believed to be special that would determin if there was enough popularity left in the fandom to warrent creating a fifth season of digimon after over a year since Frontier ended, this movie was highly anticipated by the fandom.