Digimon Adventure 02 Episode Guide

Episode 1: "Enter Flamedramon" (8/19/2000)
It's four years later and the DigiWorld is being threatened by a new enemy...a powerful Digimon emperor. Agumon calls Tai to the rescue, who is aided by a new team of DigiDestined.
Episode 2: "The DigiTeam Complete" (8/19/2000)
With the gate to the Digital World re-opened, the team is introduced to their new Digimon partners. Unfortunately, the Digimon Emperor has his sights set on their destruction.
Episode 3: "A New Digitude" (8/26/2000)
As the evil Digimon Emperor continues to wreak havoc in the Digital World, the new digidestined detect more digieggs, but are soon attacked by the Emperor. The eggs allow Patamon & Gatomon to armor digivolve, aiding the team in their battle with the Emper or's Tyronnomon troops.
Episode 4: "Iron Veggiemon" (8/26/2000)
The Digimon Emperor and his Veggiemon slaves capture a village where Gabumon is living. Gabumon calls on Matt to help, leading Matt & the new digidestined back into the Digital World to battle the Emperor.
Episode 5: "Old Reliable" (9/2/2000)
In the cold arctic the Digimon Emperor make the Gizamon build him a huge prison. Gomamon opposed but was attacked. Joe felt Gomamon's troubles and runs to the computer room. Cody does the opposite and stays at his kendo lesson. Cody decides to come after all. Will watching Joe help Cody realize what he has to do? Can anyone save the digiworld?
Episode 6: "Family Picnic" (9/8/2000)
It is the day the computer club is going on a picnic. They go to the digiworld instead. Everyone, including Mimi (pink-haired girl in the picture), joins in. A new battle begins between the Roachmon Brothers and Yolei and Mimi. Can Yolei and Mimi destroy another Control Spire?
Episode 7: "Guardian Angel" (9/9/2000)
In a battle to save a part of the digiworld, Kari and Gatomon are stranded in the digiworld. They fight against an army of Gardromon. Feeling guilty they couldn't save Kari, TK and Davis go back to the digiworld. As soon as they find her, a new enemy appears before them. It's their old friend Andromon controlled by the evil ring. Andromon attacks Kari. Are all of his old memories gone? Will Kari's screams be answered?
Episode 8: "Ken's Secret" (9/16/2000)
Davis accidentally gives Ken a bruise on his leg. After Davis blocks Ken from scoring, they shake hands. Trouble in the digiworld allows for the digidestined to fall into the Digimon Emperor's trap! He tortures Davis. Then they noticed something! On the Digimon Emperor's leg was the same bruise that Davis gave Ken. The Digimon Emperor's secret identity was finally revealed! The genus Ken Ichijouji was really the Digimon Emperor. Is this the end for our heroes?
Episode 9: "Ken's New Home" (9/23/2000)
The face under the mask was Ken and Ken stayed in the digiworld for good. He began taking over more and more of the digiworld! Unable to control all of the digiworld, Ken kidnaps the power he needs. Agumon, Tai's digimon. Now that Agumon is controlled by the Evil Ring and has digivolved into Metalgreymon, does the digiworld have a chance?
Episode 10: "The Captive Digimon" (9/30/2000)
The power of the black digivice is too great and it causes Agumon to digivolve into Skullgreymon. After destroying a great deal, his strength lets up and he returns to being Agumon before being taken away again. Agumon, who was once a friend, is now the enemy. What does Ken plan to do with Agumon? Can Tai save Agumon? Is Tai our only hope?
Episode 11: "Storm of Friendship" (10/7/2000)
They decided they have to fight with all there strength to get Agumon back. Matt's fist brought Tai back to his senses. (*smiles*) They all fought Metalgreymon but Davis couldn't bring himself to let Buimon attack.. He was afraid of hurting a friend. All Buimon could do was run as all the attacks started coming straight for him. Patamon jumped in the way to protect Buimon and the second armor evolution was reveled. When Davis felt the power of friendship, a light chased away the darkness. Does this mean they have a chance?
Episode 12: "The Good, The Bad, And The Digi" (10/14/2000)
Sora receives a cry for help from Biyomon with her digivice. She goes to the digiworld but ends up in a western. Biyomon was wanted. The sheriff, Starmon, gets into a duel with Revolmon. What's going to happen next? Will this madness ever end?
Episode 13: "His Master's Voice" (10/20/2000)
Kari starts to see disturbing watery images and notices that it is as if someone or something is trying to contact her. An ancient god along with a myth of an early summer also come into play for Kari in a very unusually village.
Episode 14: "Samurai of Sincerity" (10/27/2000)
Davis already found his second digimental. Now it's Yolei's turn. Yolei and the others are in the digiworld in search of it when they spot the same restaurant Joe and Matt once were forced to work in to pay off their bill. The children have no money to pay off Digitamamon. It looks as if they are going to have to go to work off the bill when Mimi and a new digidestined named Michael show up. Everyone else believes Digitamamon, but when Yolei hears of what he did in the past, she trusts her gut. Can Yolei get the crest of Sincerity?
Episode 15: "Big Trouble in Little Edo" (11/3/2000)
Shurimon and Igamon are in duel to the end. These two ninja rivals battle could mean something in the future. But what?
Episode 16: "20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea" (11/4/2000)
The kids try to find Cody's digimental at an oil field at the bottom of the ocean. MegaSeadramon attacks them, but they escape and are now trapped in a cave. Escaping in a pod, Cory tries to find Joe for help. Joe is in the middle of an exam. Can he get out of it to save his friends?
Episode 17: "Ghost of a Chance" (11/10/2000)
It's Odaiba Memorial Day. It's August 1st and an anniversary.. This day is the starting of an adventure like you've never seen. And one that you'll never forget…
Episode 18: "Run Yolei Run" (11/11/2000)
Ken tries to take over the digiworld again and the children plan a counter attack. Tai and the others help. They pretend to go to summer camp, but really stay overnight in the digiworld. Yolei is confused. Her digimon partner, Hawkmon, blocks an attack and is poisoned! Can anything save them?
Episode 19: "An Old Enemy Returns" (10/16/2000)
Ken creates the digimon, Kimeramon. Kimeramon is an artificial digimon made up of parts of other digimon. The head is Kabuterimons', the hair is Metalgreymons', the wings are Angemon and Airdramons', and the arms are Skullgreymons', Kuwagamons' and Devimons'. Ken also uses Devimon's powers to make Kimeramon an ultimate. With the most experience, and a dark heart, TK goes off alone to find Ken. Can TK spoil his plans or is this the final battle?
Episode 20: "Darkness Before Dawn" (10/17/2000)
Kimeramon shows himself and burns down the digiworld bit by bit. With the help of their old friends, Davis and the others break into the Emperor's fortress and move towards the control room. One thing stands in their way… Kimeramon! It looks bad, as the digidestined digimon don't compare in power to Kimeramon. In the meantime, Wormmon is worried about Ken's increasingly evil heart!
Episode 21: "The Crest of Kindness" (10/18/2000)
Using the golden digimental, Veemon digivolved into Magnamon to save the day. But it's no use. Kimeramon is way too strong for even the mighty powers of Magnamon. It looks as if all hope is lost when an unexpected ally appears from deep in the shadows… Wormmon! Will Wormmon's act of courage be enough to purify Ken's evil heart? Will Ken return to his true self?
Episode 22: "Davis Cries Wolfmon" (11/30/2000)
With the Digimon Emperor gone, peace is once again returned to the digiworld. Some scars still run through the digiworld, but the digidestined do their best to help them heal. But, two friends are missing. Sad and depressed by how well TK and Patamon got along with Kari and Gatomon, V-mon and Davis were trying to come up with a plan that would make themselves cool. A plan developed involves the digivolution to Champion. Will their ulterior motive to improve the way Kari and Gatomon think of them work? Will Veemon digivolve to Ultraangemon? Or will a new digimon appear? One thing is for sure, the peace can't last that long!
Episode 23: "Genesis of Evil" (12/1/2000)
Davis and the others restore peace to the Digiworld. Meanwhile, Ken was in a deep sleep since he went back. No one could wake him. Deep in his exhausted heart the memories of his childhood came into light and then disappeared. Memories of once long ago when he looked up to his genius older brother and felt proud. Then all the feelings of jealousy he felt. The day his digivice appeared. One by one his true feelings and emotions begin to show as Ken searches his heart. Will this lead Ken to his true self? What is Ken's past? What will be Ken's future?
Episode 24: "If I Had a Tail Hammer" (12/7/2000)
Ken learns to accept his past and returns to his true self. He is once again reunited with Wormmon. It looked as if they finally achieved peace. This peace was shattered when a strange woman appears in front of Ken and Wormmon. In the meantime, Cody's hatred towards Ken increases as he notices all the scars Ken left on the Digiworld. While Cody is distracted, Thunderballmon attacks! Since this digimon doesn't have a Dark Ring, Cody is unsure how to fight it. Cody is about to be attacked when, out of the blue, a strange green digimon appears and saves his life. Who is this mysterious digimon? Who is this new enemy? What about Ken? If you though the Digimon Emperor was bad, you were wrong! The true battle for the digiworld is about to begin.
Episode 25: "Spirit Needle" (12/8/2000)
It is revealed that the mysterious digimon that saved Cody was Wormmon's evolved form, Stingmon. Although Yolei and the others still don't trust him, Davis believes that Ken's heart has truly changed and that he is on their side now. Davis wants Ken to join them. They receive a message that Golemon was attacking a dam in the digiworld. They tried to stop him, but their attacks did close to no damage. To protect a near-by village from being flooded, they will have to destroy Golemon, just like Ken destroyed Thunderballmon. They fail and wonder why they can't bring themselves to do it. Is it because Ken knew he had no choice? Are the digidestined too naive? Who is this mysterious woman?
Episode 26: "United We Stand" (2/2/2001)
Ken apologizes again for all the evil deeds he committed as the Digimon Emperor. Yet again, he turns Davis's offer to join them down. Ken wishes to make up for his crimes on his own. As the digidestined continued to rebuild the digiworld, un-sorted emotions and truths are revealed. From deep in the shadows, a new evil threatens the digital world. Evil energy is running wild and is threatening to destroy everything. An explosion that will destroy the digiworld is about to occur. Only one thing can stop it… the crest of kindness. Davis, still trusting Ken, e-mails him but gets no response. Cody and the others never forgave Ken and still don't trust him.. Davis is the only one who does. Will Ken answer Davis's cries? Who is the mysterious woman who can turn Dark Towers into Digimon? Will Ken live up to what Davis thinks of him? Can Ken save the digiworld? Will two hearts acting as one be enough to create a miraculous evolution?
Episode 27: "Fusion Confusion" (2/3/2001)
Ken still feels guilty for all the crimes he's committed. In order to save the Digital World, Ken prepares to die and finds a reckless battle to fight in. Ken stops himself when Davis yells "LIVE!" Ken makes the decision to live alone because of his crimes. He wanted to protect those that he held dear. At that moment, Ken and Davis's desires were the exact same! As if by magic, XV-mon and Stingmon jogress digivolve into the ultimate warrior, Paildramon! With an ultimate digimon on their side, can they stop Ookuwamon? What is this explosion? Will they be able to save the digiworld from it? And what is the great secret behind the children's mission? Will it finally be made clear?
Episode 28: "The Insect Master's Trap" (2/3/2001)
Paidramon had saved the digiworld from disaster! Now having the power to jogress digivolve, Davis and the others are full of excitement. In the meantime, the mysterious dark woman was setting a trap for them. They receive an e-mail invitation and arrive at an odd mansion where everything was 10 times larger then it should be. There they found Ken, who also got an e-mail. Wanting to settle things with the mysterious woman, Davis and Ken go off so see what's in the mansion, while TK and the others wait outside. Cody, mad at being tired like a child, followed after Davis and Ken. At the same time that an army of Gokimon attacks the three children, a swarm of Flymon attacks TK's group waiting outside. Forced to battle without each other, a hard fight is presented. But this is nothing compared to the terror waiting for them! What will become of the digidestined? Will Ken stay with the group? Who is this mysterious woman and what is this trap?
Episode 29: "Arukenimon's Tangled Web" (2/8/2001)
Davis and the others received an invitation from the mysterious woman and, knowing the danger, entered the Giga House, a giant mansion. But what was waiting there for them was a trap far more terrible than they had imagined. Able to freely control insect Digimon, the mysterious woman attacked the children. Even worse, Digmon and Stingmon fell under her control and began to attack XV-mon! Cody was shaken by the shock of having his partner Digimon stolen away from him. But his desperate cries were unable to reach Digmon. Separated from their partners, Davis and the others were caught in the spider's web as Dokugumon's poison fangs got closer and closer. Will they be able to survive this desperate situation? Does Yolei's program hold the key to reversing the odds...!?
Episode 30: "The Ultimate Anti-Hero" (2/9/2001)
With a magnificent show of co-operation, the children defeated Arukenimon's trap. But although they had acknowledged each other's strength, the relationship between Cody and Ken was still somewhat strained. Cody couldn't forgive Ken for being the Emperor. Afraid of disturbing the balance of their teamwork, Ken tried to leave on his own. Davis and Yolei tried their best to bring them closer, but it didn't work. Meanwhile, the defeated Arukenimon was filled with rage and in an attempt to put an end to the children once and for all, she began to bring forth a dark Mega Digimon. Combining many Dark Towers together, she infused them with unlimited darkness. That Digimon's name was...Black War Greymon!! His power was a match for that of War Greymon! That great warrior who had saved the children so many times now stood before them as the most evil barrier!! The children couldn't keep pace. W as there some way they could stand against his overwhelming power...!?
Episode 31: "Opposites Attract" (2/15/2001)
It was a total defeat. The gap between Black War Greymon's strength and their own was too large. In order to raise their potential even a little, the children decided they needed Gatomon's lost tail ring. Yolei and Kari separated from Davis and the others in order to search for the Holy Ring. On the way they happened across Ken and he joined up with them. But as they proceeded through the forest, they unwittingly set foot in a strange dimension. Ken feared the sense of darkness creeping up on them. Kari felt the same and tried to encourage him. Seeing the two, and feeling that she alone was left out, Yolei became hardheaded and began acting rashly. But that only made the situation worse...!?
Episode 32: "If I Only Had A Heart" (2/16/2001)
Following in the footsteps of Davis and Ken, Yolei and Kari were successful in a second jogress evolution. Meanwhile having left Archnemon, Black War Greymon continued to roam aimlessly through the Digital World feeling unfulfilled. Why had he been made? What was his purpose? Knowing that he was just a thing that had been created, Black War Greymon was filled with doubt as he went from one battle to the next. But no matter how fierce the battle it couldn't fill void in his chest, rather it just caused the emptiness to grow. It was then that Tai's partner, Agumon, appeared before Black War Greymon. Knowing that Black War Greymon was struggling with himself, Agumon tried to get him to open his heart. What will this fateful meeting with Agumon hold for Black War Greymon? And what is the Holy Stone that holds the key to the fate of the Digital World...!?
Episode 33: "A Chance Encounter" (2/23/2001)
Taking a short break from her duties as one of the DigiDestined, Yolei left Poromon in Izzy's care while she went on a class trip to Kyoto and enjoyed some freedom for the first time in months. Sight seeing and eating and buying souvenirs, Yolei was able to forget about fighting and fully enjoy Kyoto. But then a warp suddenly appeared before her eyes...and none other than Black War Greymon, who should have been in the Digital World, appeared! Bringing hordes of Digimon with him, Black War Greymon paraded through Kyoto like a mid-day apparition. Wondering what was going on, Yolei followed after the Digimon. What was the meaning behind the appearance of the Digimon in the real world? Then Yolei met some unexpected people.
Episode 34: "Destiny in Doubt" (2/24/2001)
Blackwargreymon continues to destroy the Holy Stones, not fully understanding why. At the moment he destroys the third stone, an unknown Digimon appears in a dimensional warp. It was the first time Blackwargreymon felt so much power. And at that instant, Backwargreymon understood why he was destroying the Holy Stones. In order to restore balance to the Digiworld, the digidestined try to find the next Holy Stone before Blackwargreymon can get to it. On their way, Gabumon tells them that Blackwargreymon has a heart. This puts Cody into shock. Cody wavers, but TK tells him that any Digimon born of darkness must be destroyed. Blackwargreymon tries to destroy the Holy Stone in hopes of finding the mysterious Digimon. With anger in his heart towards darkness, TK stands in Blackwargreymon's way. What's TK going to do? What will happen to this Holy Stone? Will Cody help him fight? And who is this mysterious Digimon?
Episode 35: "Cody Takes A Stand" (3/2/2001)
With a wanting to fight, Backwargreymon continues to destroy the Holy Stones. Even Magnaangemon falls against his overwhelming strength. In order to protect the few Holy Stones that are left from Blackwargreymon, Davis proposed a meeting at his house. They all agree to this, except for TK. TK declines and goes off on his own. The difference between the normally gentle TK and the side of him that opposes the power of darkness is so great that it confuses Cody. After much thought, he grabs Upamon and goes off to visit Matt, TK's older brother. In order to understand TK, Cody bombards Matt with questions. Matt begins to tell him about TK's past, but what will Cody think of it? Why is TK acting this way? Will Cody understand his feelings? What is Blackwargreymon planning? What are the others planning? And more importantly, what is TK going to do?
Episode 36: "Stone Soup" (3/9/2001)
Ignoring Cody, Blackwargreymon destroys the sixth Holy Stone.. With only one stone left, the battle to decide the fate of the Digital World is about to begin or is it? The digidestined set out to protect the last Holy Stone. Following Blackwargreymon's path, they find themselves in a Digital China Town. The smell of food draws them towards a nearby restaurant. Mummymon and Archnemon also stop by to eat ramen. A battle over the ramen breaks out in the restaurant. Will this mysterious soup be enough to allow the jogress digivolution of their two Digimon? Will Blackwargreymon destroy the final Holy Stone? What will happen to Cody and TK?
Episode 37: "Kyoto Dragon" (3/16/2001)
Blackwargreymon is after the final Holy Stone. With Shakkoumon at their side, the three fusion evolutions, Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon, stood in his way. All of them fought Blackwargreymon with all their strength. His determination was so great that he would rather die than lose. When they got him down, Blackwargreymon would just get up and fight again. The digidestined were becoming overwhelmed. To make matters worse, Archnemon and Mummymon were causing chaos. The battle quickly escalates to a life or death fight. Will the digidestined prevail? Will they be able to save the digiworld and the final Holy Stone? What is this mysterious digimon Blackwargreymon is after? The secret of the digital world will finally be made clear?
Episode 38: "A Very Digi Christmas" (3/23/2001)
Thanks to Qinglongmon, the digiworld is no longer in danger of collapsing. The digidestined understand that their mission is to now destroy dark towers. It looked as if the digiworld had finally found peace. Ken gives into Wormmon, and sends out invitations to a Christmas party at his place. He invites everyone, even Cody, and everyone accepts with different feelings towards Ken. Odaiba is decorated for Christmas and everyone is in the Christmas sprit. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, the digidestined open the digital gate on the way to Kens'. They have secretly came up with a plan to thank Tai and the other original digidestined for all their help. What is this present? Why are Digimon invading the real world? And what does this act of kindness mean for Ken?
Episode 39: "Dramon Power" (3/30/2001)
That peaceful Christmas Eve was shattered with a sudden scream. Just like three years before, Digimon were once again on the streets of Odaiba, causing panic. Davis and the other children finally managed to return the Digimon to the Digiworld and it looked like everything was taken care of. But, when they awoke the new morning on Christmas Day, the TV was filled with news reports all over the world. All over the world, digimon were causing damage. Reports were coming in from America, China, and even Australia. The digimon were attacking all over the world! After hearing the Digimon were in Tamachi, Davis hurried through the panicked crowd towards Ken's house. The digidestined gathered at Izzy's place to plan their counter-attack. Will the digidestined be able to overcome their greatest battle yet? The true battle has only just begun! Can they survive and save our world?
Episode 40: "Digimon World Tour Pt. 1" (4/8/2001)
Control Spires and Digimon suddenly began to appear all over the world. Davis and the other digidestined flew off with Imperialdramon. They began to meet up with friends all over the world in order to save the world from this worldwide crisis. In New York, they found Mimi and Michael and Davis helped lure the Digimon into Central Park. In Hong Kong, Kari and Izzy were helping to return the digimon to the Digiworld with the help of the local children. Can Davis's courageous heart help out in America? How good are Izzy's English skills? Will Kari's smile be enough to cheer up the entire world? If this worldwide battle ends, what will it bring... and more importantly, what will it end?
Episode 41: "Digimon World Tour Pt. 2" (4/13/2001)
The Digimon that appeared in New York and Hong Kong were returned safely to the Digital World by the Davis and the other kids. Meanwhile in Australia's Coral Bay, Cody and Joe with their Digimons, use all their efforts to destroy the Controls Spires that has appeared in that area. Gennai,...ahem..., shows up in a bathing suit ( I couldn't believe it when I actually saw it!!!) and they run into an Australian Digidestined being chased by three renegade Digimons. Meanwhile in the cold dark streets of Versailles, France, TK, and Tai wait for Matt and Takeru's Grandfather. When he arrives, they're surprised to discover that he's a wild, motorcycle diving, energetic old man. They wind up finding a French Digidestined being held captive by the Mamemon brothers and both Tai and TK fall head over heels in love with her, while Agumon and Patamon do the same with her Digimon, Floramon.
Episode 42: "Digimon World Tour Pt. 3" (4/20/2001)
America, Hong Kong, Australia, and France was once again safe and the Digimon in those areas were returned back to the Digital World. All that remained was Mexico and Russia. Ken and Matt went to chase after the Digimons in the Mayan Ruins. They ran into a young Mexican girl, who developed an instant crush over Ken, with Wormmon quickly becoming jealous. Ken tried to defuse the situation, but without much luck. Meanwhile in Russia, Sora and Yolei, were having problems of their own. Facing a similar situation Izzy went through in Hong Kong, they ran into some Digidestined kids, but unfortunately they couldn't understand one another. Yolei soon came up with an idea for them to communicate, but will it work or blow up in their faces!?!
Episode 43: "Invasion of the Daemon Corps" (4/26/2001)
After completing what they intended to do, returning the Digimons back to where they belong, Davis and the others return to Japan. Unfortunately for them, all is not peaceful when they get home. One by one, all the children in Tokyo begin to disappear and Ken begins to get a feeling of foreboding about this puzzling incident. Slowly, repressed memories in his mind begins to resurface. It begins to remind him of a past incident in his life that he had forgotten. As his insecurities grow, a darkness appears and new threat of Demon Type Digimons begin to invade the real world. Once again, both old and new Digidestined band together to fight this evil threat, but the darkness appears to be too powerful. Even Imperialdramon is overwhelmed and driven back. How will they be able to defeat Skull Satamon and Lady Devimon, when their most powerful ally has been defeated? What new miracle will occur that will grant ImperialDramon even more power? And who is the mysterious person that appears which causes Ken to surrender? Could it be, Demon?
Episode 44: "Dark Sun, Dark Spore" (4/27/2001)
The peace of the city was suddenly interrupted by the attack of the Demon Digimon Corps. To make this matters worse, the kids heart were brought down by the fact that they witnessed ImperialDramon in his new fighter mode destroy a Digimon in cold blood. Even worse, Ken surrendered himself to the enemy and was taken away with the other kidnapped children in Tokyo. Davis and the others chase after the car to save Ken, but the Demon Digimons attacks on the city become more brazen. Cody, TK, and Jim rescue the patient's in the hospital while Shakkoumon guards the outside of the building. In another part of the city, LadyDevimon continues to attack more innocent bystanders in the city while Kari, Yolei, and Sylphimon stop her. What is the mysterious object that is embedded within Ken's body?
Episode 45: "The Dark Gate" (5/3/2001)
Davis goes after the truck that has Ken and the other children inside, but suddenly without warning, Demon appears in front of it. With the Seed of Darkness inside of Ken copied by Oikawa, he was no longer needed. Davis finally managed to get to Ken, and they rescued and freed the other kidnapped kids. Demon appears in front of them and Paildramon attacks, but with no luck. Growing to an enormous size, Sylphimon and Shakkoumon appears to lend hand, but even with their additional attacks are ineffective against this enemy. Ken realizes that the only way to defeat him is to open the gate of darkness. With hesitation, he manages to open the gate and with ImperialDramon's Positron Laser attack, they banished Demon to the Dark Dimension.
Episode 46: "Duel Of The WarGreymon" (5/4/2001)
Ken was able to open the gate and send Demon to the world of darkness. But their battle was not over yet. Oikawa had transplanted the Dark Seed from Ken into the other children and it was starting to sprout. There was a sudden increase in brain activity. The children showed a sudden change since their disappearance and being showing signs of genius, to the delight of their parents. But Davis and the others knew the truth, that it was all because of the transplanted Dark Seeds...In order to save them, Davis and the others visited the houses of the different children. But the parents believed their children were now geniuses and wouldn't even listen to them. Davis and the others were depressed, but just then they got some surprising news from Agumon in the Digital World. Black War Greymon had returned and he was using the gap between the planes to travel to the real world!! Black War Greymon went after Oikawa in order to find out about his true self. But Oikawa was the only clue they had as to the purpose of the Dark Seeds, so in order to protect him Agumon blocked Black War Greymon's path.
Episode 47: "BlackWarGreymon's Destiny" (5/10/2001)
Wargreymon words finally reached BlackWarGreymon during the fierce fighting. Meanwhile, the children who had chased and lost sight of Oikawa as he hid and disappeared into a crowd of people. Ken upset that he escaped, since he was his only clue of what the dark seed was and how to remove it. Ken and the others again tried to persuade the children about the powers of the dark seed. Meanwhile, the dark seed that Oikawa copied finally reaches its moment of germination!! He absorbs its energy from the dark flower, and obtains the power of Darkness.
Episode 48: "Oikawa's Shame" (5/11/2001)
Finally, the power of the dark flower was by absorbed by Oikawa and he gained the powers to open the gate to the Digital World. Cody's grandfather appears on the scene in an effort to stop him. His words reaches Oikawa for a brief second, but then he fires a blast of dark energy at him. BlackWargreymon jumps in front of him to take the full brunt of the blast, is mortally wounded and dies. They chase after Oikawa who with several children, uses his laptop to open the gate. Davis and the others chase after him, but find themselves in a strange dimension. Oikawa, breaks down emotionally, remembers a time four years ago when Tai and the others returned to the Digital to battle the Dark Masters. He was mourning the death of Cody's father, when a mist appeared and took possession of him. Suddenly an old villain reappeared from inside Oikawa, stronger and more powerful than ever. Enter...Myotismon, reborn!!!
Episode 49: "The Last Temptation of the Digidestined" (5/17/2001)
At long last, the final enemy appeared. A horrible fear overwhelms the children and freezes them in their tracks. Only Davis confronts Belialvandemon without total fear. Davis continues to fight through this hopeless situation. His courage gives some of the digimon power and they are finally able to damage Belialvandemon. But, Belialvandemon fires a strange attack at them and they are captured in light. The digidestined find themselves within their own minds, thoughts and dreams. Wandering in a world of illusions that reflect reality. Will they throw away their courage to fight? A miracle has not been seen yet. Davis is becoming desperate. This is the final and last battle! All our chances lie on a few chosen children... Can they survive?
Episode 50: "A Million Points of Light" (5/18/2001)
MaloMyotismon begins plunging the world into darkness. No force seems capable of stopping him. Never giving up, the Digidestined press on the fight and hope that they can win as hundreds of digimon assemble on the cliffs overlooking the battle. On earth, the other Digidestined are amazed as the light of their digivices fire into the digivorld creating the portal used 4 years prior. With the help of the light and the realization that you can make your dreams come true if you really try, Malomyotismon is destroyed and peace returns to the digital world.