Transcript of the chat with Digimon producer Terrie.

Digimon writer/producer Terri-Lei joined us in the Zone Studio on February 16, 2001 for a live webchat!

Webheads: Hi welcome to the Digimon chat with Terri!!! Please continue to send in your interesting questions. Terri will answer as many as possible!

Question: Can you give us a hint of what kinds of surprises we'll be seeing in Digimon?

Terri: So many surprises! In season 2 we'll see new DNA digivolved characters similar to Omnimon in the movie, and we will see the original Digidestine team and the 2nd team join together with digidestined all over the world!!!

Question: Will there be any new characters introduced in the third season?

Terri: Absolutely!!! There will be 3 new kids each with their own Digimons. New Digimon villains, and a very special new orphan Digimon who is the key to digivolving in the 3rd season!!

Question: Who created Digimon?

Terri: It was created in Japan by a man called Akiyoshi Hongo.

Question: What is the merge form Arukenymon?

Terri: There isn't a DNA Digiform of Arukenymon.

Question: Will Cody be one of the season 3 digidestined?

Terri: No. Season 3 will be an entirely new world. A world known to all of us as earth...

Question: What is the purpose of the destiny stone?

Terri: The destiny stone was created to contain the elemental powers. They were created by the dark powers to put the digital world out of balance so that the powers of evil could prevail.

Question: How long do Digimon live???

Terri: Digimon never die. They just get reconfigured.

Question: How long does it take to create a new episode?

Terri: Good question. I only know the English version…by the time we get the Japanese episode in the studio, it takes us 6 weeks to create an English version.

Question: Who is your favorite Digimon?

Terri: Gatomon because she is an alley cat with a heart of gold! And she's deadly cute. Meow.!!

Question: What is in store for Digimon in the near future?

Terri: Well, we'll see the return of a powerful villain from season 1. You'll see Digidestine from all over the world. And you'll find out the power behind Arukenimon.

Question: Will BlackWarGreymon always be evil?

Terri: I can't reveal that...but I don't feel that he will always be evil.

Question: Who is your favourite human character???

Terri: That's a tough one. I think Davis is my fav even though at the beginning of the season I thought he was a jerk.

Question: Hi hard is it to come up with new names for Digimon and how do you know if it will suit that character?

Terri: It's painfully difficult. For the most part we try to stay with the Japanese translations, but sometimes we can't pronounce them and sometimes they are a little rude when you translate them to English.

Question: What level is Omnimon?

Terri: The best word to describe it...he's an "ultra mega."

Question: Will there be a new type of Digibolution in season 3?

Terri: A big one!!!!!

Question: Do you like any other Animation besides Digimon?

Terri: Yes. I like Escaflowne, and Slayers.

Question: Who will destroy Archenymon ?

Terri: I don't know if Archenymon will be destroyed... Digimon never die, at least they'll be back in another form.

Question: Which Digimon was the first?

Terri: The first Digimon that a human met was Koromon.

Question: Will there be a new type of digivolving in season 3?

Terri: Yes. Season 3 takes place in the real world and digivolving in the real world is much more difficult than in the television show.

Question: Is there going to be a Veedramon and/or Areoveedramon?

Terri: I don't know. They exist in the Digital World but I don't know if they will appear in the show.

Question: What level is Paildramon?

Terri: Paildramon is an ultimate.

Question: Is there going to be another Digimon movie soon? When?

Terri: There's another Digimon movie in Japan out next month. But I don't know if we'll produce an English version - I hope so! In the meantime, the first one is available now on video!

Question: Is there going to be a Gameboy version of Digimon?

Terri: That's seems extremely unlikely because our games are currently for Sony PlayStation.

Question: Will Cody and T.K. DNA Digivolve together and if so what will the Digimon be like?

Terri: Yes they will. And the Digimon will be like nothing you have ever seen!

Question: I just wanna know who will destroy Archenymon!

Terri: No one is ever destroyed. Even when you think you have defeated them, they always come back for more!

Question: What is the blue thing on T.K.'s hat ?

Terri: It's just an emblem. It doesn't mean anything.

Question: Why do the kids' clothing (except Kari, TeeKay, Ken) change when they enter the Digiworld?

Terri: They change because in the Digital world, a kid's thoughts can be made real. So what they wish can become true. And Davis wants to look cooler so he does.

Question: When will Wallace, join the others, as a Digidestined, with the other kids?

Terri: Wallace has done his duty as a Digidestined and I don't think he'll be joining any future teams. He may go off to college instead!

Question: Is Gatomon ever going to find her holy ring?

Terri: I hope so. It really distresses me that Gotomon lost her holy ring. We hope that Ken's memory will return so he can help her find it.

Question: How many seasons of Digimon have there been in Japan?

Terri: Two. And their third will premiere in April.

Question: How was the Digital world formed?

Terri: I have no idea. I don't know anymore how the Digital world was formed than the Earth was formed. It just happened.

Question: What's your fav Digimon episode in 01 and 02?

Terri: In season One - it was episode 39 "The Battle for Earth". When the Digidestined defeated Venommyotismon. In the second season, my fav episode is "Davis Cries Wolfmon". It's the first episode where Veemon digivolves to Exveemon.

Question: Terri, will there be new Digivices in season three?

Terri: Yes, there will be very powerful Digivices.

Question: Have any other Digimon been named after pets, people, etc?

Terri: Only one Digimon has been named after a pet (that I know of). It is Salamon. It's one of the perks of being the producer - you get to name a Digimon after your cat!

Question: Why can't Gatomon, digivolve to Angewomon?

Terri: The 2nd season Digimon were selected cause of their ability to armor digivolve which was important because all Digimon lost the ability to Digivolve to ultimate when the kids' crests were needed to restore balance to the Digital World.

Question: Hi Terri! My name is Nick and I was wondering what is T.K.'s digivolving partner?

Terri: If you mean DNA Digivolving, it is Cody.

Terri: Hey everyone - I have really enjoyed answering your questions. I always enjoy being at YTV in Toronto and talking with our Canadian fans. I hope to be back in the future and talk to you about the third season. Thanks for watching and keep Digimon at #1!!!!