Digimon Tamers Episode Guide

Episode 1: "Guilmon Comes Alive" (9/1/2001)
Takato Matsuda finds a blue card which turns his card battle reader into a digivice. It reads in his drawings of a digimon he created causing a digiegg to appear on the screen. The next day, the egg hatchs, Guilmon is born, and Takato sets off to find his digimon.
Episode 2: "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere" (9/1/2001)
The creature Takato found was a Digimon! The one he had drawn! Takato realized that Gillmon was his Digimon. Takato took Gillmon home he hid him from his parents. He came into a close call with his dad. At the Bureau of Administrative Services Network, a Digimon attacked the network. The people there tried to capture the Digimon, but no luck. That day, A girl named Ruki with her partner, Renamon, were fighting a Digimon called Goblimon, a Rookie Digimon. Ruki card-slashed and made Renamon more powerful but Goblimon digivolved to Fugamon, a red Ogremon creature. Now Renamon had to fight a Champion Digimon! But, Renamon prevailed and destroyed Fugamon. That night, Gillmon left Takato's house! He snuck into the school in the morning and ate the whole supply of bread! Takato was sad and worried because of Gillmon's disappearance. He ran into a boy named Lee. Then, a Digimon came beside Lee. Terriermon! Lee was a Digimon Tamer! Terriermon made Takato feel bad and Takato ran off and found Gillmon! Later in the day, Takato and Gillmon were walking in the park and they were attacked by Renamon. Takato just met the girl in his dream...
Episode 3: "To Fight, or Not to Fight" (9/8/2001)
Renamon challenged Gillmon. Takato didn't know if he should fight. Luckily, Lee arrived and broke the fight. Renamon and Ruki left and Lee followed, Ruki said that Digimon were tools for fighting, whereas Lee said they were more like friends. Takato was confused. The next day after school, Ruki and Renamon confronted Takato and Gillmon again. Gillmon's eyes turned wild and he began to fight Renamon. Lee and Terriermon came again but were unable to stop the fight this time! In order to stay a good partner to Lee, Terriermon thought that he had to digivolve to Champion which he had not yet done. Ever. But...Terriermon digivolved to...Gargomon! Gargomon then threatened Ruki...
Episode 4: "It Came From the Other Side" (9/8/2001)
Takato and Lee with their Digimon were running from a mysterious fog. Takato and Gillmon split from Terriermon and Lee. The fog went after Lee! He ran as had as he could. He came to a building. The fog enveloped all around Lee and the building. Gorillamon appeared. Back in time. Lee couldn't find Terriermon! He was in the computer. Lee's card reader turned into a green D-Arc! He picked it up. It glowed and terriermon appeared! Back to the present. Terriermon attacked with all he had and destroyed Gorillamon with Ruki, Renamon, Takato and Gillmon watching.
Episode 5: "Dream a Little Dream" (9/14/2001)
At school one day, Takato came across a little white and purple Digimon. Culumon! He was an orphan Digimon and had no owner. Lee suggested to try to find a partner for Culumon. Lee came up with Hiroki, one of Takato's friends. Then a vision of what would happen came. Hiroki would just use Kurumon to fight. That was out of the question. Then Lee came up with Shiuchon, his little sister. Another vision. Shiuchon would just use Kurumon as a doll and dress him up. Also out of the picture. Then, Lee came up with Juri. Another of Takato's friends. She would just make Culumon a puppet like her very weird puppet. Juri was out of the question. Culumon would have to stay an orphan. Then, a Digimon, Vilemon appeared!
Episode 6: "Oh Partner, Where Art Thou?" (9/14/2001)
Gillmon fought Vilemon. It was really close! Renamon saved Gillmon from destruction. Vilemon was defeated. Takato still didn't like Ruki's attitude. Renamon tried to pull Ruki away from Takato's words but Ruki didn't listen. At Ruki's school, Ruki was mad because her mom left. But she went off somewhere on her own. She tumbled into the Digital World! She saw a Digimon. She needed Takato's help! If only Renamon could digivolve! Renamon went off to find the enemy Digimon to digivolve. She went off into the city. Renamon found the Digimon and was provoked by it. Ruki arrived, and...Renamon digivolved to...Kyubimon!
Episode 7: "Now You See it, Now You Don't" (9/18/2001)
Gillmon had a dream. In the dream, Gillmon was separated from Takato! He was in another world. The next day, Takato told Lee and Ruki about Gillmon's dream. Lee thought that creatures belong in any world. Ruki thought that what is made from data, returns to data. Takato and Gillmon didn't take either's word. Gillmon was afraid and Gillmon started to disappear in front of Takato! To get Gillmon back, Takato's adventure has to start!
Episode 8: "A Matter of Trust" (9/19/2001)
Takato was drawing a digivolution of Guilmon. He drew a large red and black dinosaur Digimon. Takato couldn't decide on a name for the Digimon. Goodmon, Greatmon, Growmon. Witch one? Guilmon was behind a gate. He was digging in the wall and he found some of Takato's bread Takato had left. Guilmon went to eat and a piece of bread fell on the ground and rolled. Impmon appeared and ate the piece of bread. Impmon kept asking for more bread. Guilmon mentioned Takato and Impmon said it was better not to have a human partner. He took off. Later that night, Impmon released a Digimon. Devidramon! Guilmon saw it. He went to fight but before he did, he went and got Takato, Ruki, Renamon, Lee and Terriermon. Guilmon was getting destroyed by Devidramon! Culumon was around! Guilmon digivolved toGrowmon! Growmon fought Devidramon and won!
Episode 9: "Not As Seen on TV" (9/20/2001)
Growmon returned to normal. He wasn't insane anymore. But he didn't return to Guilmon! Nothing worked! Even with a card-slash it didn't work! Growmon was always hungry. Takato needed to wear Growmon out so that he would de-digivolve to Guilmon. Takato could make Growmon swim, jump everything to make him get tired. Nothing worked. No matter what, Growmon would not go back to Guilmon!
Episode 10: "The Icemon Cometh" (9/21/2001)
One day, Ruki was walking to her mom's work, the modeling studio. Culumon came up behind her and jumped into her arms. Ruki's mom came ruunning to her. She started going on, and on about her day. Ruki backed away. Her mom kept going on, and on. Then she asked Ruki, who was in her arms. Ruki didn't know what to say. She looked at Culumon. Ruki and her mom walked to their house. Ruki's mom pulled something out of her bag. It was a dress. Ugh. Ruki refused it. Ruki met with Renamon. She was angry at her for some reason. Ruki left the house angry at Renamon. Later that day, Ruki was walking in the train station. She saw something. A white shadow! She turned around and saw to business men. he ran in between them and up the stairs. She had seen that shadow! She went into a room with a bunch of cargo. Black and white hands came out of the wall and grabbed Ruki! She disappeared into the wall! When Ruki didn't meet Takato, Lee and Terriermon, they worried. They went looking for her. They entered an odd ice land. Ruki was being held by a Digimon! Lee analyzed it on his D-Arc. Icedevimon. Ruki was struggling! Takato and Lee ordered their Digimon to attack Icedevimon! But Icedevimon used an attack and froze Guilmon and Terriermon in a block of ice! Takato and Lee started hacking away at the ice with tools they had found. Lee card-slashed a Meramon card. Terriermon glowed red with fire but it went out! It was hopeless. Ruki struggled more. She needed Renamon! She regretted being angry at her. Renamon appeared. She attacked Icedevimon! But she was tossed away! Renamon! Lee card-slashed again! Terriermon went black and started to get fatter, and fatter! The ice chipped away. Takato got back his hope. He card-slashed! His first succesful card-slash! Guilmon got faster! Then, Takato card-slashed again! Guilmon got wings! Kyubimon came out from her illusion as Renamon and used her Demon Fireball. It didn't even phase Icedevimon! Guilmon used his Fireball attack and rammed Icedevimon! He was destroyed! Guilmon absorbed Icedevimon's power. Ruki, Takato, Lee, Kyuubimon, Guilmon and Terriermon all got out of the ice land. Ruki was mad at Kyuubimon for not defeating Icedevimon. She walked one way. Kyuubimon walked the other...
Episode 11: "Much Ado About Musyamon" (9/24/2001)
A Digital Field appeared. Terriermon wanted to fight, But Lee wouldn't have it. Terriermon was loyal and watched the Digimon that had appeared, Musyamon. As Musyamon was appearing, Yamaki released his program, Yuggoth and blew away the Digital Field. Terriermon gazed at the Digital Field unhappily as it disappeared. Terriermon asked Lee why he couldn't fight. Lee said it was because Digimon were friends, not fighting objects. Lee didn't want to see a friend kill a living creature. Lee thought that denying Terriermon to fight was denying him being a Digimon. Lee wondered if that was right. Digimon that had been illiminated by the Yuggoth program started to appear in the city! The Digimon were causing a riot. Musyamon appeared. Terriermon was the only one that could fight! Lee has to make a choice.
Episode 12: "Divided They Stand" (10/4/2001)
A man in sunglasses was waiting for Takato and Lee, when they returned from school. The man in sunglasses was Yamaki of the Network Administration Bureau. He had seen a Digimon battle. Yamaki told Takato and Lee not to fight. Yamaki left. Ruki was feeling sad about Renamon. Ruki was worried about Renamon. Even if Renamon was there, Ruki couldn't even speak to her. Renamon was mad because she hadn't defeated Icedevimon. Guilmon had. Renamon thought that if she showed herself to Ruki, that Ruki wouldn't care and she would just walk away. Ruki and Renamon passed eachother without even noticing. Why won't they just become partners again?! Renamon went out on her own. A Digital Field appeared. Renamon went in. Three Flybeemon appeared. Ruki and Culumon arrived at the Field. Lee was outside the Digital Field with Terriermon. Ruki couldn't deal with Renamon fighting without her and she ran into the woods. Renamon defeated the three Flybeemon. Ruki Takato was going to show Juri Guilmon. Guilmon came out to Juri. Juri thought that Guilmon was really cute. Cute? Takato thought he was cool. The next day, another Digital Field appeared. Renamon was fighting a Digimon called Harpymon. Terriermon, Guilmon, Takato, and Lee were watching. Ruki and Culumon arrived. Terriermon told Renamon that Ruki was there. Renamon hesitated, but went at it with harpymon again. Renamon started to get beaten up! Ruki went to card slash but.where were here cards?! She'd left them at her house because she thought she'd have no use for them! Renamon took up! Ruki went to card slash but.where were here cards?! She'd left them at her house because she thought she'd have no use for them! Renamon took Harpymon down. And out. Or was he? Renamon took a deep breath. Harpymon shot up! And started to attack Renamon. Again and again! Ruki couldn't do anything! She saw a sharp stick. She grabbed it. ran at Harpymon. Jammed it into Harpymon's back! Harpymon cried out in pain. Culumon's marking started to glow. Renamon digivolved to Kyuubimon! Kyuubimon destroyed Harpymon once and for all. She absorbed Harpymon's energy. Ruki and Kyuubimon walked home. Together.
Episode 13: "Juggernaut" (10/5/2001)
Takato and Guilmon were fighting a Digimon named Darklizamon at night. But right when Guilmon was going to destroy Darklizamon, a tear-gas bomb exploded! Takato was petrified! It was Yamaki. The person that told Takato not to play dangerously. Yamaki looked at Darklizamon and told Takato to leave. Takato was protecting Guilmon and Yamaki kept telling Takato to leave. Takato started to fear that Guilmon would Digivolve to Growmon who has a wild instinct. Takato heard a voice. It said that Takato would have to let Guilmon digivolve to become strong. Takato didn't know what to do. Would his friends be scared away by Growmon like Hirokazu and Kenta were by Guilmon? Takato left. He went to inspect the Administration Bureau where Yamaki worked. Can Takato get back his Tamer self? Yamaki had a plan to capture Digimon! His trump card "Shaggai". A forbidden door has been opened...
Episode 14: "Grow Mon, Grow" (10/22/2001)
A blue whirlpool appeared in the night sky. It was Shaggai. It disassembles Digimon completely. Yamaki was satisfied that it was destroying the Digimon. He looked at the life being destroyed. But something that was never predicted happened. A huge pillar appeared in the vortical center! Yamaki was shaken by the unexpected event. A voice. Yamaki opened a portal. A huge tiger Digimon came through and down to the ground. Mihiramon. Renamon and Terriermon couldn't defeat Mihiramon. Guilmon wanted to fight, but Takato didn't want Guilmon to digivolve. Was it possible that the enemy Digimon that appeared before the kids and their Digimon could win?! Takato woke up to reality. He HAD to let Guilmon fight! Guilmon digivolved to Growmon and started fighting. A blue card appeared! Takato card slashed it. Growmon digivolved to..Megalogrowmon!!! Megalogrowmon destroyed Mihiramon!
Episode 15: "Snakes, Trains, And Digimon" (10/23/2001)
Growmon's digivolution to his Ultimate level, Megalogrowmon destroyed Mihiramon. But not all the Tamers's problems were solved now. To protect the people of the Real World, Ruki, Takato, and Lee decided to make a team. Takato wanted to patrol for Digital Fields nut Ruki and Lee told him not to because of the schedule. Takato was sulky. A friend of Hirokazu's who he hasn't seen in five years was coming to visit. Hirokazu invited Takato to meet him. Meanwhile, Lee and Ruki had business in town to take care of. Ruki felt something was wrong at the subway. A large snake Digimon! Santiramon! Ruki followed the Digimon. Although Lee also joined Ruki, it was impossible to do anything but fight the Digimon. Takato and Guilmon were crazy to play with the old friend of Hirokazu's. The huge cobra Digimon attacked the subway! Can Lee and Ruki stop the attack!? And Takato and Guilmon...Is it to late for them to join the fight?
Episode 16: "Back To Nature, Back To Battle" (11/2/2001)
The sightseeing bus arrived at Takato's school. That day was the day when Takato's grade was going to a camp. Takato's class was excited about going on the trip, but Takato wasn't the same. Lee suggested that the Digimon go with them on the trip! Hirokazu and Kenta decided to cooperate with Takato and Guilmon. All the kids enjoyed camping. Lee's D-Arc reacted to something. Since the reaction was barely noticed, it was overlooked. Since it was overlooked, the third evil Digimon went to attack the city! Takato and Lee have to fight!! The greatest enemy is.A TEACHER'S GHOST STORY!? A new Deva Assasin appeared. Shinduramon! The Tamers fought with Shinduramon and won!
Episode 17: "Duel with the Deva" (11/3/2001)
Lee and Kenta traded cards with each other. Lee got the card "We're honor students!". It was an ordinary card until.Lee card-slashed it and it turned into a blue card! Takato and Lee went to search for the blue card's owner. They figured out that the cards started increasing in number after they bumped into a man in Akihabara. Later, after Lee showed the blue card to his father, he and his friend started to analyze it. They got a strange attitude, and the mystery was even more weird. It had something to do with the blue cards being made. Lee went to figure out a mystery his father and his friend discovered! Then, a new Deva Assassin from the Digital World appeared! The brightness of the blue card led to a super evolution.
Episode 18: "Digital Beauty" (11/10/2001)
Lee finished fighting and explained all about the Digimon to his father and his dad's friend. Vajramon wanted Renamon to come with him. Renamon accepted the invitation, and left the words "only Digimon might know", and disappeared into the darkness of night with Vajramon .... The next day, Ruki's mom took Ruki to the modeling office. Then, she was unexpectedly going to get her picture taken! Ruki had to wear clothes which she usually didn't wear. The camera turned to Ruki got felt ill because of the photo shoot that was about to occur. Then, an intense flash made Ruki afraid, and she ran and left the studio. Ruki wandered about Shinjuku, looking at her D-Arc. But Renamon wasn't anywhere. Ruki searched and searched but couldn't find her! Renamon might not come back! Ruki got a telephone call from Lee so she went home reluctantly... Ruki heard the news of the appearance of Vajramon and went to the stadium where he was. Vajramon's real intentiions were to destroy Renamon! She basks in moonlight, a beautiful fighter is born tonight!!
Episode 19: "Impmon's Last Stand" (11/10/2001)
Who are the Devas? Takato, Ruki,and Lee were worried. The Kung Fu teacher asked Lee to go see him. When he did, the teacher talked about the transcript that he had. Apparently, it meant: the demon which will bring disaster will fight with the "Asra". It will change if the good and bad are absolute and change position. Digimon appeared in front of Impmon. It was a Deva that appeared: Indaramon. Indaramon said to Impmon that a Digimon cannot have a partner unless it is assigned to a human. Two people confronted each other. Renamon appeared. Renamon thought as to whether she should fight, or not. Indaramon disappeared into the fog.
Episode 20: "Out Of The Blue" (11/17/2001)
Impmon put all his energy into fighting Indaramon. But he still didnít do any damage to him. Right when Indaramon was going to attack Impon, the wave motion came from the Metropolitan Government Office and caught Indaramon! It was the new system that Yamaki made, in order to destroy the Devas. Indaramon was hurt and went into the pole of Shaggai. Takato, Ruki, and Lee and their Digimon left the dangerous battle scene. Meanwhile, although Yamakiís Shaggai was not perfect, he was glad Indaramon disappeared. But the peaceful time did not go on for a long time. Indaramon appeared again and started to riot around the city! Growmon, Kyuubimon, and Gargomonís(Galgomon's) attacks did nothing to Indaramon. The attacks overwhelmed even the Self-Defense Forces! When all the Digimon Cards were destroyed in the attack, Hirokazu and Kenta showed a card to Takato. It...It was a handmade blue card! The last hope was a handmade blue card! Takato was considering using it. Was Guilmon tired out!? A miracle was caused by the card slash of friendship!
Episode 21: "Jeri's Quest" (11/17/2001)
Juri went to Takatoís bakery to buy some bread. But Takato had gone out. Hirokazu and Kenta appeared and went with Takato to his house. Takato, Lee, and Ruki were talking at Guilmonís hutch. Kenta and Hirokazu both wanted partner Digimon. Kenta and Hirokazu thought about Juri. Juri said she didnít know what they were talking about. However, the Digimon card scattered on the ground...
Episode 22: "The Boar Wars" (11/24/2001)
An earthquake had occurred in West Shinjuku. Takato and Lee had a dark premonition. Lee needed to go out, but Shiuchon would not let go of Terriermon. Lee used force. But he felt guilty afterwards. Hirokazu wanted a Digimon and really wanted a Digimon like Guilmon. Then, Juri appeared and said that she wanted to be taught how to play the Digimon Card Game. Unexpectedly, Ruki taught her. When the Tamers realized that the Devas appeared in a certain order, Lee began to draw the twelve zodiacal signs on the ground. The Deva they had guessed would appear, because of the zodiac chart, did. VikararamonÖ
Episode 23: "A World Apart" (12/1/2001)
Shaggai moved! The Digimon fought against Vikararamon. But they didnít destroy him. Megalogrowmon fell over. The kids didnít know which card to Card Slash, but they trusted Leeís choice. If two people Card Slash at the same time, the Digivice will give even more power! The card was "Brightness of fate"! Taomon and Rapidmon attacked with powers from the card!
Episode 24: "The Journey Begins" (12/8/2001)
Takato was looking down and sitting down. His parents questioned his facial expression. Ruki and Lee had to explain to their parents the same thing. Digimon were real, and that they were Digimon Tamers. But there seemed to be no suitable explanation. Juri was learning about the Digital World from Leomon. It was the place where no human had ever been. Juri was Leomonís partner, therefore, she would go. Rukiís house. Renamon did not want Ruki to go to the Digital World. Renamon was found by Rukiís grandmother, Seiko. Ruki told Seiko about the Digimon. Seiko said that it was a relief. A beautiful fox-like creature protected Ruki when she was out at night. The decision of Ruki solidified. She was going to the Digital World.
Episode 25: "Brave New Digital World" (12/15/2001)
Takato, Ruki, Lee, Juri, Hirokazu, Kenta, Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, and Leomon entered the Digital World! They were warped and they were weightless. They fell to the ground. If the kids looked hard enough, they could see the Real World in the sky. The Japanese map was inside-out if they look at it through binoculars. A dust cloud was made from the wind. The Digital World was different from the Real World. There were Digimon all over. Far in the distance, the horizon could be seen. Takato stood with the flag heíd brought.
Episode 26: "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure" (2/9/2002)
Ruki, Hirokazu, and Kenta were flown by the light that had chased them. They fainted. When they woke up, they noticed that the Real World in the sky was very small. It looked as if it had gone into the distance. The three and Renamon came to a house. There wasn't a door or a window on the house. The roof was low and round. All the tree branches were turned in the same direction. The wind started up. The kids and Renamon were flown around in the wind. A tool hit the house. A crack appeared in it. The group went in the house. Jijimon and Babamon lived there.
Episode 27: "Motorcycle Mania" (2/9/2002)
Takato, Juri, and Lee looked for Ruki, Hirokazu, and Kenta. But where Takato and the others had last seen Ruki, Kenta, and Hirokazu, was not where the three were. Terriermon found a colony of Tsuchidarumon. It was ruined. There were big tire marks. Although a huge motorbike appeared, there was no rider. The motorbike was aimed at Takato and the others! From beside where Takato was standing, a Tsuchidarumon appeared. The motorbike went into the hole where Tsuchidarumon had come out of. Leomon protected Tsuchidarumon! Tsuchidarumon was quantized and the motorbike ran away. Tsuchidarumon introduced himself to Takato, Juri, Henry, Leomon, Terrriermon, and Guilmon. When Takato introduced themselves Tsuchidarumon took some steamed dumplings out of the ground. Takato, Henry, Leomon, Terrriermon, and Guilmon hesitated. Those dumplings had come out of the ground! Juri stuck her hand out, took a dumpling, and ate it. She said it was delicious! Takato was stunned.
Episode 28: "Blame it on Ryo" (2/16/2002)
Ruki, Hirokazu, Kenta, and Renamon were waiting by the flag of the Tamers. But none of the other group came. Ruki went out with Renamon to find the others. She left Hirokazu and Kenta behind, and they seemed to be worried. Takato and others were also walking in the wilderness. Takato thought that Ruki and the others could be waiting at the flag, so they decided to go back. However, no one was at the flag. Guilmon still felt the smelt Renamon. That meant Ruki was with her, Hirokazu and Kenta had gone after Ruki. Ruki couldn't find anyone, and started to head back to the flag. But the data stream ray was back! It was really fast!
Episode 29: "Goliath" (2/16/2002)
Takato and the others were lost in the Monotone World of the Digital World. Hirokazu and Kenta appeared and finally rejoined Takato, Juri, Lee, and their Digimon. Hirokazu and Kenta introduced Takato and the others to Ryo. Takato wanted to battle Ryo in the card game. Hirokazu and Kenta told Takato that Ruki had walked off. She was in The Gear World of the Digital World. Ruki and Renamon were puzzled as to where they were. Takato and others decided to wait in the Monotone World which or the time being. It seems that Ryo was missing for a second. Then he asked about Culumon.
Episode 30: "The Imperfect Storm" (2/23/2002)
Takato and others decided to return to the place where the Tamers flag had stood. However, the
Episode 31: "Kazu's Upgrade" (2/23/2002)
Takato split Guilmon and the others into groups. Although Kenta invited Guilmon to become his partner, her refused.When they stepped in one spot, the ground liquidized, and Kenta, Hirokazu, Juri, Ruki, Renamon, and Guilmon fell to the small Kojiki world. There was an unusual swamp. The Real World ball was fairly small. Since they heard a voice, they went to it. When they got there, an Andromon was there. It was injured. Andromon, Ruki, and the others watched the swamp. Then, Orochimon appeared from the swamp and Andromon was attacked. Andromon fought back, and his missile became a misfire because he was injured! Orochimon was looking and smiling at Juri. Hirokazu and others cared for Andromon. Smoke could be seen in the woods. When they ran to it, Gekomon were there. Gekomon and the others put a dust packet into a machine, and something was made. By the smell, it seemed to be alcohol. When they Tamers talked to the Gekomon, Orochimon came to the village. Orochimon said that he wouldnt digivolve if he didnt have alchohol. He made the Gekomon make alcohol. Although Orochimon wanted Andromon and the Gekomon to fight, the Gekomon did not participate. So the reluctantly fought. Gekomon pretended to be injured. Gekomon fixed Andromon whe he broke, and he was disgusted when Leomon had alchohol and a dust packet. Andromon could be repaired. Leomon, Hirokazu and the others would fix Andromon instead of Gekomon. Repair made Andromon dedigivolve into Guardromon. Then, Orochimon attacked and caught Juri! Juri was kidnapped. The Tamers wanted to find her. Hirokazu worried about Guardromon. Hirokazu and Guardromon would stay behind. Orochimon took Juri and jumped into the swamp. Orochimon took Juri to his Kojima. He wanted alcohol. Since Juris family owned a bar, she knew how to make it. So she did. Hirokazu waved a fan at Guardromon. He appreciated it. At the Kojima, Ruki and the others were trapped in a cell. When a Gekomon gave something to Orochimon, Leomon and the others ran out of their prison quickly. Juri thought that everybody came to help, and gave and the alcohol to Orochimon. But, Orochimon said that he became stronger when he drank alcohol, and he got more powerful. Leomon and others did not flinch from his power. Leomon attacked. However, all the heads that Leomon cut off were dummies! Juri begged for forgiveness for giving Orochimon the alcohol. Hirokazu was encouraged by Guardromon and he tried to card slash! He card slashed Ladydevimon and it worked on Guardromon! Orochimon was deleted. When the Gekomon could live peacefully, Hirokazu was glad. A D-Arc appeared in Hirokazus hand. Hirokazu became Guardromons Tamer!
Episode 32: "Shibumi Speaks" (3/2/2002)
Takato and the others were underwater. Men in black clothing were under a blue sky. And one man was spoken to. It is Section Mizuno Gorou, Shibumis name. It is the man who has caused everything! Shibumi confusedly made a method of escape. If the men in black catch Shibumi, Shibumi would become smoke and disappear. Takato and others strayed into a cave that Terriermon dug, with help from the drill card. Janyuu, Jenryas father, and his friends explained to Takatos parents. Takato and the others couldnt escape the cave easily. An idea! The kids could send an e-mail!
Episode 33: "Rabbit Transit" (3/2/2002)
Since Shiuchon didn't have Terriermon to play with, she was playing in the park, She accidentally fell into the Digital World Zone! A big rabbit Digimon was there. Takato and the others were riding on a vehicle that moved on water, since they were in the World of Water. Then, Terriermon heard Shiuchon's voice.
Episode 34: "Lionheart" (3/9/2002)
Beelzebmon set out to beat Guilmon and the others so he could keep his promise he made with the Deva. But Guilmon knew that Beelzebmon was Impmon and hesitated to fight him. However, the Beelzebmons arm pierced through Leomons body!
Episode 35: "Give a Little Bit" (3/9/2002)
Takatos anger caused Megalogrowmon to digivolve into an extreme Digimon. However, it wasnt how Takato imagined. Megalogrowmon became a savage beast. Probably because Leomon was killed and Megalogrowmon had too much anger. Takatos voice didnt reach Megidramon, the extreme Digimon. Makuramon was also in the world that would be ruined if Megidramon and Beelzebmon faced off. However, Beelzebmon grabbed Makuramons arm. He grinned...
Episode 36: "The Battle Within" (3/16/2002)
Episode 37: "No Mon is an Island" (3/16/2002)
Episode 38: "Azulongmon Explains All" (3/23/2002)
Episode 39: "Song of Sakuyamon" (3/30/2002)
Episode 40: "Janyu's Arc" (4/6/2002)
Episode 41: "Homeward Bound" (4/13/2002)
Episode 42: "Reunion" (4/20/2002)
Episode 43: "Beezlemon's Big Day" (4/27/2002)
Episode 44: "The Messanger" (5/4/2002)
Episode 45: "The D-Reaper's Disguise" (5/11/2002)
Episode 46: "When is a Mon Justimon?" (5/11/2002)
Episode 47: "His Kingdom for a Horse" (5/18/2002)
Episode 48: "Shadow of a Beast King" (5/18/2002)
Episode 49: "D-Reaper's Feast" (6/1/2002)
Episode 50: "Jeri Fights Back" (5/18/2002)
Episode 51 "Such Sweet Sorrow" (5/18/2002)