Digimon The Movie

Your Guide to the Digimon Movie

In theaters October 6, 2000

Summerized information primarily from the Beckett Digimon Collector.

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The movie starts 4 years before the first episode. It recounts how all the kids first saw the Digimon through Tai and Kari's point of view. You will see the other kids on their respective balconies watching. However, it's primarily Tai and Kari's story.

Then we move to the period just after season 1 which concludes in the present day with a new generation of kids. Genni also makes an apearance. He will give his cryptic message which gives just enough information to get the kids in trouble. This movie will involve all 11 digidestined kids, that means both the season 1 and season 2 digidestined are in it. The virus that seizes control of all communications and weapons systems in an attempt to destroy Japan will be called Diabormon. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon make their appearances, however 2 more of the digimon will go Mega in the movie. Chances are it's going to be Patamon and someone else. Armor digivolving is also in the movie. This time though, it will be a "Mega-Armored form of digivolving". WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon will join to form the Mega level Omnimon.

Meanwhile, Mimi has been busy. She's going to introduce the American digidestined Wallace to the movie scene. In fact, she may bring another boy in addition to Wallace. There is also a portal connecting Japan and New York City. Wallace is critical to the third part of the movie. He has learn't how to access the digiworld independant of the digidestined. In fact he has relations with not one, but two digimon. One of these digimon becomes lost and kidnaps the season 1 crew in an attempt to find Wallace. It'll be up to the season 2 digidestined to come to their aid. In addition, because the hype is so large, they're already planning a second digimon movie to be released sometime in 2001.

By: Digimaster345

Summery taken from Pojo.com

The first Digimon Movie out of Japan was about what happened to Tai and Kari several years before they went to the Digital World. In this story, Parrotmon is attacking their home in Japan and through Tai and Kari, Greymon was able to digevolve and save the city. This original film will be cast as an introduction to the movie and will last 20 minutes in length.

The second piece of the new Digimon Movie, which was the second OVA from Japan, will be a first season wrap-up and lasts 40 minutes in length. This section of the movie takes place approximately six months after the eight Digi-Destined return from the Digital World after defeating Apocolymon. Izzy discovers a Digi-Egg on his computer screen, from which hatches a new enemy. As the new Digimon digevolves into Diaboromon, he starts consuming resources of the Net and takes control of worldwide communications. Diaboromon crafts a diabolic plan and aims nuclear missiles in America at the Digi-Destined in Japan! Unfortunately, when the Digi-Destined strive to stop Diaboromon, they are hampered by the spam of thousands of emails from kids all over the world who are watching the battle on the internet helplessly. Izzy discovers a way to turn the emails against Diaboromon and strengthen WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon at the same time. With the extra strength, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon merge miraculously into Omnimon, finally able to defeat Diaboromon and prevent the nuclear attack from hitting its target.

The final chapter of the Digimon Movie, which was the third OVA from Japan, takes place shortly into Season 2 and lasts 60 minutes in length. This story is about an American Digi-Destined, named Willis, and his twin Digimon: Kokomon and Terriermon. The battle between Omnimon and Diaboromon causes Kokomon to become seperated from Willis and Terriermon. Kokomon grows up confused and kidnaps the Digi-Destined in a failed attempt to locate Willis. It is up to the new Digi-Destined to save the old Digi-Destined, but Kokomon digivolves into Kerpymon and is no easy enemy to defeat. In fact, it will take Gatomon and Patamon digivolving to their Mega levels of Magnadramon and Seraphimon before his defeat can finally be had.

For those curious about the new Digimon, their Digivolve chain is:
Kokomon -> Lopmon -> Wendigomon -> Antylamon -> Kerpymon