Digimon The Movie 5

Tamers Adventure Battle

The movie opens with Omegamon talking with Memphismon (possibly Apocalymon's data reborn as a new digimon). A short battle ensues with Memphismon escaping to the tamers world. Meanwhile it's summer vacation and Takato's off to visit his relatives (Kai and co) in Okinawa. Jenrya's headed there too to see the sunken meteor. At the airport, they're doing an interview of the VP in charge of the company that made the next generation of VPet.

At the Temple where Kai lives, Takato awakes to see Guilmon running around. The digimon phenomena (VPet) is still around in Okinawa and Kai knows what they are, though surprised that they're real in Tokyo. The next day, Takato and co goes off to swim, where they eventaually meet a girl who's being chased down by a digimon, a short battle ensues. Meanwhile Jenrya's visiting the meteor site (and I'm a bit peeved that they cut the whole digimon battle that was supposed to happen there).

That night, odd things are happenning, Jenyra's phone call with his father is cut off, and more digimon come after the girl Minami, who has the original VPet with her. During the battle, Minami is seperated from Kai by a divermon, the laptop with the VPet on it releases Shisamon, but Minami is kidnapped anyway. Jenrya and Ruki are being attacked by digimon in there respective locations. After their battles, Omegamon contacts them and takes them away. Takato and co mount a rescue expadition and meet up with Minami and her father after taking down yet more digimon.

The VP of the company reveals himself as Memphismon and begins his plan, however Omegamon's voice is heard and Ruki and Jenrya appear. Some sort of psudo underwater digital world battle occurs. The virus guard program hidden inside the computer program of Minami's dead dog Mei initiates taking down all the virus programs around the world. However, memphismon remains, and you get to see the evolution to ultimate (The movie happenned before the evos for Kyuubimon and Gargomon were actually animated, so they have these cheezy temporary ones). At this point we get to see them preform an attack used only once ever. The Trinity Burst which defeats memphismon in a single blow.

The movie ends with them swimming up and breaking the surface of the ocean together.