Digimon The Movie 2

Our War Game

The second Digimon movie, Our War Game/Children's War Game, takes place in the Digimon Adventure universe. There is passing reference to this movie in Digimon Adventure 02, but it's not anything particularily significant. This is a much longer movie than the original digimon movie and is for the most part, the same as the second part of the english movie with some notable differences.

A online digiegg hatches and the ensuing digimon begins to eat data causing havock. Taichi and Koushiro are the only two chosen children able to fight. During the ensuing battle, the digimon evolves strait up to the ultimate level, infermon and proves to be too much for two Champion level digimon. After the battle, children from around the world are e-mailling Kouchiro (how they get the e-mail address isn't explained). Infermon gets into NTT, which is the japanese telephone service computer mainframe and essentially shuts down all phone service and dial up internet (yes, that's what they're using, they don't have High-Speed internet in this show). Koushiro leaves to go get a satelite phone for the internet uplink, and Taichi manages to get in contact with Yamato and Takeru who set off to locate someone with a computer since their grandma doesn't own one.

If you actually watch Koushiro setting up the connection, you can see they are using what appears to be authentic Windows 98 Japanese edition and is connecting to the following phone number: 92-56-2256-5689

Upon hooking up with Yamato and Takeru, the 4 of them engage in battle again, with Agumon and Gabumon going strait to Mega level. Well, we then get to see Infermon goto mega as well revealing diablomon. Those of you familiar with the dub movie know that in that version, diablomon is looking for wallace, the american digidestined. In the japanese movie, he's doing no such thing. In fact, what has happenned is that the pentagon has been hacked and a nuclear weapon has been launched, target unknown. The weapon in question is a codename Peacemaker, with a maximum range of 20,000 kilometers. For some reason, the speed is quoted as being 15,000 miles per hour despite them quoting the range in kilometers, though that translates into Mach 23 according to Koushiro when Taichi asks for the speed km.

With the countdown to destruction running, Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon engage the now copied diablomon, and are mercilessly slaughtered. The thousands of e-mails Koushiro's recieving is causing the dreaded LAG slowing down the digimon. While Koushiro's busy trying to deal with the problem, Taichi and Yamato somehow enter the battle by going through their computer monitors. We get to see a touching sequence followed by the birth of Omegamon, a fusion mega comprised of Wargremon and MetalGarurumon. Omegamon then proceeds to blow the shit out of the copies until only the original diablomon remains. With one min left on the clock, diablomon is too fast for Omegamon to catch until Koushiro forwards all the e-mail he's been getting to diablomon's e-mail address causing him to lag and slow down allowing him to be defeated.

It should be noted that Miyako from Digimon Adventure 02 makes her debut appearance in this movie as one of the spectators to the battle. Ryou is also seen briefly in the movie.