Digimon The Movie 7

Ornithmon Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Unlike the other seasons, Digimon's popularity had been wanning for some time during Frontier. Poised with lowering popularity, Digimon Frontier recieved only a single movie. In this movie, the chosen children are caught up in a dispute between the humanoid digimon and the beast digimon, each side hostile to the other and seperating any digimon who would try to bridge the gap. Each side has a leader advocating the destruction of the other side.

They spend some time argueing over which side is the bad guys, as each side has done some pretty bad things, defeated digimon are returned to the digitama forms. The group finds a wall containning an old legend which Bokomon translates for them. The gang seperates with some people going to each faction (Kouji and Takyua broke up a fight one using their beast form and the other using the human form evolution). In each city the kids see just how high the tensions are, and that each leader is advocating the complete destruction of the other side. Eventually each side brings forth their war machines and a battle looks inevitable. The battle rages as Takuya and Koji try to convince each side to stop the meaningless fighting. Eventually they evolve and start taking down the war machines themselves. Eventually each side stops and it's revealed that the leader advocating war on both sides is the same person who's hidden agenda is to break the seal on Ornithmon using the hatred and destruction.

No one can do anything to stop the unsealed digimon, and destruction is sewn across the island. Through Kotemon's death, and Bearmon's tears, AncientGreymon and AncientGarurmon reappear. Agnimon takes down Murmuxmon and the Ancient digimon are able to reseal Ornithmon once again.