Digital Monster X-Evolution

The Thirteenth Royal Knight

This was a special New Year's show for digimon. Produced and released well after Frontier ended, this is viewed as many as the final turning point for the Digimon franchise in Japan. How well the show does will make or break the possibility of another season.

One unique thing about this video is that there are no humans, and that the whole video is done in 3D CG. It shows a side of digimon that hadn't been seen before, and the results are excellent.

After having moved to a new mainframe, digimon carrying X-Code appear, these are the rements of the digimon from the old server, those not chosen to come to the new land. The overlord Yggdrasil commands these digimon be erased, and the twelve royal knights do it's bidding. However, the digimon carrying the X-Antibodies resist, and everyone is drawn into the fight.

Doromon is the main character of the special, he's also an X-Digimon. As such, he's hunted by the Knights. However, Wargreymon-x and metalgarurumon-x protect him, and the Tokomon (who later becomes X-Tokomon) who's befriended him. Omegamon and Dukemon have a falling out and have a fight where Dukemon allows himself to be easily defeated in order to test a theory. Magnamon captures Doromon and his data is seperated and then dumped in a junkyard where Wizardmon find him. However, Yggdrasil sends his own forces, those copied from the "Experimental Being" and a battle starts. Wizardmon, Mummymon, Sylphimon and other digimon lead a retreat down their cave to the second exit only to find Wargreymon engaged against yet more enemies. The battle is joined, and both sides suffer major losses. Doromon awakens, and the carnage around him causes him to evolve a second time, but he turns into the same digimon type as those attacking. He's villified and attacked until X-Tokomon shows everyone that despite his appearance, he's still their friend.

A massive screen of enemy re-inforcements arrive and it looks like all is lost when suddenly a blast of energy obliterates many of the attackers, it's X-Dukemon, the Royal Knight is back from the data space and is helping to defend. He sends Doromon to the system administration room, where Omegamon attacks. He evolves yet again, showing his final form. The mythological Thirteenth Royal Knight, Alphamon is born. Together with Omegamon, over Magnamon's objections, they face down Yggdrasil, but have to fight his final minion. It's revealed it's Alphamon's other half, and alphamon sacrifices himself to defeat the monster, and gives Omegamon his X-Antibody. Omegamon transforms into X-Omegamon and destroys Yggdrasil.

X-Omegamon and X-Dukemon talk high upon the mountains of the digital world and discuss their actions, and the actions of their former master. Doromon find X-Tokomon at the temple and the two of them run together.

Digimon X-Evolution was an apparent success, as in December of 2005, Digimon Season 5 was announced as being set to air at some point in 2006.