Digimon The Movie 3

The Golden Digimentals

Daisuke and Co are enjoying a day at the beach while Takeru and Hikari are with Mimi in New York. Suddenly a Mimi's digivice starts to beep and she vanishes in a swirl of mist. But she's not the only one. All of the original digidestined except Hikari and Takeru has been spirited away by a mysterious force. A new face appears in NYC. An american kid with one of old digivices is facing down a digimon. He's fighting it with a terriermon. After the battle re runs off. Meanwhile, the original CCs, are all gathered in some void. Everyone heads off to a place called "Summer Memory". The train Takeru and Hikari are on suddenly enters a pink void, and the digimon from before appears. Their D-3s react and suddenly the train stops. When they get up, Takeru and Hikari realize no one else is on the train anymore.

Daisuke and Co meet up with Wallace, and they head off to their destination, except Daisuke and Wallace are left behind. A sudden attack sends V-mon and Terriermon into battle. It's revealed that chocomon is kidnapping everyone with a digivice in order to find Wallace. From here on in, it happens pretty much the same way as in the dub movie. Cherubimon appears and starts winning, Hikari and Takeru show up, we have the reverse time vortex, Seraphimon and Holydramon appear and they sacrifice themselves to release the golden digimetals rather than lay the smackdown on Cherubimon themselves. Magnamon and Rapidmon appear and win.