Digimon The Movie 4

Diablomon Strikes Back

Diablomon is back, and with a multitude of Kuramon, he's sending them through the internet to the real world. Daisuke and Ken go after the Kuramon who've appeared in the real world while Taichi, Yamato, Hikari and Takeru battle Diablomon online. Diablomon is defeated, however, the Kuramon make it to the real world and form a new mega level digimon. Omegamon is unable to defeat this new digimon and is defeated as Ken and Daisuke arrive at the harbour where the battle has shifted to. Imperialdramon takes over the fight but too is defeated. Omegamon gives up his data to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and returns to Gabumon and Agumon. Along with the power of the Holy ring, a sword is formed, and thus Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is born. In a single attack, defeats the enemy. However it begins to revert to the Kuramon and it looks like the will of Diablomon will survive. However, Iori comes up with the idea of sending them back to the digital world using the same cell phones they used to get to the real world. Thus the day is saved.