Digimon The Movie

Digimon the Movie is the perlude to the Digimon Adventure series. Originally aired prior to the actual Digimon series franchise, this movie is the start of the digimon legacy.

If you've seen the english version of Digimon The Movie, this is the first part of the movie. This movie does have direct links to the actual television series unlike most of the other movies that were made. This movie depicts Taichi Yamagi and his younger sister Hikari's encounter with a strange lifeform which we know as Digimon, or Digital Monsters.

Basically the two of them find a Digitama (digiegg) which eventually hatches into a Botamon, then to Koromon, then to Agumon. Agumon and Hikari leave their apartment with Taichi in hot persuit, with Agumon causing random destruction. Eventually they encounter Parrotmon and we see Greymon and the two of them do battle causing significant damage to a major roadway. The movie ends with the two digital monsters having vanished.